About Us

This web site of the Australian Support Group of “NTM Info & Research“, patient support provides

  • Information
  • Guidance
  • Understanding and
  • Support

about Nontuberculosis Mycobacterial (NTM), including bacterial strains of Mycobaterium Avian Complex(MAC)  and  Mycobaterium Abscessus etc for Australians.

“NTM Info & Research”  mission is to save and improve lives through research, education, early detection, and improved treatments for people with pulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial disease.


The development of this web site was made possible by Dallas McMillan of  “Influential Digital”. Dallas created the structure of the web site and tools used to format the content. We are indebted to Darrel for his support and willingness to continue helping us.

Dr Rachel Thomson (Qld) and Dr Justin Waring (WA),the leading NTM specialists in Australia are strong supporters of the Australian Support Group of  NTM Info & Research. We are very grateful for their support and encouragement.

Amy Lietman of  “NTM Info & Research” in United States of whom we are part, has provided advice, guidance  and financial assistance to further develop our support work in Australia.

Linda, a member of the Inspire forum has been a strong and committed supporter of our efforts in Australia. Linda has edited this web site