Private Hospital

Greenslopes Private Hospital

Newdegate St, Greenslopes
Queensland,  4064
Telephone: (07) 3394 7111



Public Hospital

The Prince Charles Hospital

Department of Thoracic Medicine
Integrated Mycobacterial Clinic
Rode Rd, Chermside
Queensland, 4032

Telephone: (07)  3139 4000


Dr Rachel Thomson, Dr Andrew Burke, Dr Chris Coulter

The Prince  Charles Hospital have a very caring NTM team, who have a lot of experience in  the treatment of NTM. We highly recommend this hospital for those in need of hospitalization for NTM
Debbie Wooster’s Mother (see Contact/About Us) has been an inpatient at the hospital. Debbie and her mother are indebted to the hospital staff for their professionalism and caring.

Kathleen Hall Physiotherapist at The Prince Charles Hospital

Advanced Physiotherapist – Cystic Fibrosis OPD (Mon/Tu) Respiratory Medicine(Wed) Pulmonary Vascular Disease (Th) Physiotherapy |

Page 0103 ( M/T) 3139 4443 (W) 3139 5796 (Th) kathleen.hall@health.qld.gov.au


Metro South Clinical TB service

Princess Alexandra Hospital Complex

Dr Rachel Thomson
Specialised Health Services Building (Building 37)
Gate 1, Cornwell St, Wooloongabba
Queensland 4012

Telephone:: (07) 3176 4166

Email: msctb@health.qld.gov.au